Ultra B – Retro Anime for the Younger Audiences

A toddler loves to watch cartoons and gain knowledge from them, which is why there are so many cartoons featuring child’s learning and the various virtues of life. It comes as no surprise that Japan had also created cartoons and animes featuring those things as well. Enter Ultra B, an anime which will most certainly make your child learn more and spark his inner creativity.

Ultra B has a very simple storyline. On a lonely night, Michio, a very young boy, saw a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) flying across the sky and being curious, quickly runs to see where it lands. He is then taken inside of the ship and saw a small toddler, by the name of Ultra B (euphemistically known as UB). He is at first thought to be a normal child, with a penchant towards drinking milk. However, he soon displays supernatural powers and moves into Michio’s family, embarking on goofy adventures with Michio and causing hysterical misunderstands between his friends and family.

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Firstly, the graphics of Ultra B are great, if you would understand that it is animated and produced during the 1987s, where technology wasn’t so good as today. Characters’ designs are pleasing to the eye with Ultra B’s design being particularly memorable, with his big ears coupled with his red and blue glasses. He also wears a beanie with the words “UB” embedded on it and rides a big white pelican around. All these features will make him an icon around the world, even though he is not as popular as another children’s classic, Doraemon. The sounds department had also done a great job with Ultra B, with the opening and ending songs sounding very lullaby-like, a great choice as it is a kids’ anime.

The adventures which Ultra B and Michio get into are also what you will typically see in children’s anime. Something which starts out as a misunderstanding usually ends up with Ultra B rectifying the situation and everyone shakes hands afterwards. Even though this may seem nothing much to some, children will be able to grasp the concept of friendship and togetherness with each episode passing by as these simple concepts are things which will beneficially help the children grow into upright men in the future. It is also fun to see what kinds of powers Ultra B have, and with each episode, the anime will feature a different power, meaning that the viewers will not get bored with repetitive abilities at all.


All in all, I feel that Ultra B is a great anime for children to catch, especially those who are still at the age of 5-8 where they are picking up things fast. Even though it may not be as popular as Doraemon, you can extract similar values from Ultra B as well. Ultra B is also aired regularly on the Hungama TV channel in India, with 3 varying timeslots per day, making it a definite watch for any children in India.

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