Watch Anime Online

Watching Animes online has become a big hit with many hurrying online to catch up with their missed television shows. Like most other forms of television shows available, it is plausible to watch them from your computer online with just a click of … [Continue reading]

Slam Dunk – Story of Perseverance and Hope

As legendary sports animes come by, Slam Dunk would be standing up there above the rest. This phenomenal anime had inspired many to take up the sports of Basketball in Japan with its impressive storyline and art. It is no wonder that Slam Dunk had … [Continue reading]

Kuroko no Basket – Awesome Basketball Anime with Great Story

Kuroko no Basket (or Kuroko’s Basketball) is about a young boy called Kuroko (hence the title) who aspires to become the best basketball player in Japan using his own style of basketball. If you are a basketball player or avid fan of basketball, then … [Continue reading]

Space Brothers – An Odyssey About Hopes and Dreams

Unlike any other action or adventure animes out in the vast market, Space Brothers is an anime that seeks to inspire people to seek their dreams. Even though this sounds a little cliché, but once you watch the first episode of this anime, you will … [Continue reading]

Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Not Your Ordinary Harem Anime

If you are someone who is very familiar with the Sengoku Period, then this series called “Oda Nobuna no Yabou“ may not hold too much of a surprise to you as it mostly follows the life and times of Oda Nobunaga, a great warlord during those tumultuous … [Continue reading]