Doraemon – The Robotic Cat

I am sure you must have heard of doraemon . Doraemon is a robotic cat which is from 22nd century who has come from the future to help a young boy Nobita Nobi.

Nobita is a below average young boy in all activities and is often in trouble . Sometimes because of his marks, sometimes home work and some times due to his friends . Doraemon who has many gadgets gives Nobita nobi some awesome gadgets so that he can avoid troubles . But Nobita gets into more serious trouble by using doraemon gadgets.


Doraemon series is very popular in many parts of Asia, America and Europe Especially Asia . Children are just love Doraemon . The Doraemon Soft Toys and Doraemon Games are in great demand in Asia .Doraemon was send by nobita’s grandchildren after seeing nobita in trouble all the time . Its a future Invention and in the series we come across many new and really cool gadgets and technology which we may have never even dreamt off . Like the anywhere door which takes you anywhere in the whole world or the universe.


Nobita Gets a zero in his test every time due to  which he gets Scolding from his mom and doraemon saves him all the times . Nobita is a very lazy person who loves sleeping and doing nothing . He hates Studying and gets Pissed when his mom asks him to study . Doraemon has a sister Dorami who is really sweet cat and is more a pet of Nobita’s grandfather . She has some really cool gadgets which even Doraemon doesn’t have .


Nobita has a secret crush on shizuka and always tries to impress her with doraemon gadgets but he is not alone he has many competitors like jiyan, suneo etc .


Jiyan is a very strong person who always troubles nobita and others . He loves singing but sings very badly which causes trouble to everyone. But some how doraemon saves everyone from his songs . suneo is very greedy and always tries to show off his money and stuffs . Suneo always tries to insult nobita infront of Shizuka.


The most funniest part is that Doraemon being a cat is scared of Mouse and nobita every time takes advantage of this and steals the gadgets from doraemon and uses it for silly purposes . But get into problem with his gadgets and again doraemon saves him . Its a must watch cartoon according to me . It can be seen in Hungama TV at 4 PM IST .


  1. Archana Shukla says

    Best episodes are in which Nobit does not use Doremon’s gadgets and himself do his task.

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