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If you want to play some exciting games, you can consider playing Oscar’s Oasis Games because it is quite popular in recent years.

Oscar’s Oasis is the program made by Tuba Entertainment together with Cake Entertainment. The original broadcast was done on Disney Channel Asia and you can find that it is shown on Disney Channel Australia these days.

Oscar's Oasis

There are totally 78 episodes of Oscar’s Oasis and you would find that each of the episodes would last for about 7 minutes.

Oscar's Oasis4

Oscar’s Oasis Games is popular because you can find that there are some interesting characters in the game. Oscar is the main character and he would appear in the form of a lizard. He would always get into some troubles On the other hand, Popy is the boss of the trio and it would be the one who always provide the orders for the other animals to perform. Harchi is one of the characters in the game as well. It is usually given some kinds of physical jobs and he would work with other characters for the missions which are going to be accomplished by the team.

Oscar's Oasis2

There are many kids, especially girls, who would love playing this game. Yes, Oscar’s Oasis Games is popular among kids because the personality traits of the kids are quite special and funny. This is something that attracts kids so you can search for the information about it and let your kids play if you want. For those who love the TV show of Oscar’s Oasis, the Games would be something that they love. Play Oscar’s Oasis Games Online by visiting the link below.

Oscar’s Oasis Games

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