Shin Chan in Dark Tama Tama Thrilling Chase

Shin Chan in Dark Tama Tama Thrilling Chase is an animated movie made in Japanese language and later dubbed in Hindi. It features character Shin Chan initially released in 1997. Shin Chan is a Japanese character designed and created by Yoshito Usui. The story was based on five year old boy. Due to the death of Yoshito Usui the author, the series were announced to end on September 2009. Later it was announce to publish new manga series by the USUI’S team member.

Shin Chan in Dark Tamatama Thrilling Chase

Since it was originally a Japanese series many things turned weird, inappropriate use in language and so on. It was difficult to translate some of the jokes into other languages. Japanese show was easily understood by the people there, but they found it difficult to understand when published in other languages. But the author was successful in delivering the laughter on audiences face. It was a complete comedy show.


Shin Chan in Dark Tamatama Thrilling Chase is based on main character Shin Chan and Himawari. One day Shin Chan on his way back found a ball near a river and brought it home. Himawari saw that ball and swallowed it as she loves shining things. Later it was known that it was a mysterious ball that belonged to Devil Jack and two gangs for which they were fighting with each other for getting the ball. It was considered that they could win the world with that ball by releasing the Devil Jack. Himawari was kidnapped by the king Jed, but later she was released. Devil Jack was accidently released by Shin Chan and this is how the story continues.

Shin Chan

The movie was released in June 2012 in India named as Shin Chan in Dark Tama Tama Thrilling Chase. All Japanese staff was involved production of this movie. However the story is adventurous, thrilling and fun to watch.


  1. this is super

  2. i love shinchan a lot

  3. i want to wacth the movie but it is in japanese

  4. Archana Shukla says

    Love Shinchan & Himavari.Very interesting movie

  5. Pranay.N.Narvekar says

    I love shinchan. He is so funny.

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