A Certain Magical Index – A Mixture of Science and Magic

A Certain Magical Index or Toaru Majutsu no Index, is an anime which explores the area where science and magic were to cross paths. The story starts in Academy City, where in the hustle and bustle; students are genetically engineered to be espers, people with special abilities. Touma, our main character, has a very special skill; he is able to negate those supernatural skills with his right hand. Because of this, he is very unlucky which causes him to get into goofy situations.

A Certain Magical Index

Without spoiling too much, the anime has a nice feel to it, exploring how magic and science clash. Touma is soon met with Index, a church sister running from magicians and a whole ensemble of other unique characters. While the characters may be clichéd, they are certainly very likable. For example, our hero, Touma, is the righteous hero who wants to save everyone and this causes a harem to form around our misfortunate hero while our female protagonist, Index, is a ditzy yet very likable idiot.

A Certain Magical Index 2

Story wise, it is okay. While introducing a bigger plot in the few beginning episodes, the anime degenerates into 3 to 4 episodes arc afterwards, with the heroine Index being reduced to a mere calefare. However, you will still like it as other characters are affectionate as well.

A Certain Magical Index Anime

The art and animation is superb in this anime. Vibrancy and brightness are painted into the entire of this anime. Action scenes were flowing smoothly and each character are unique and identifiable to the casual viewer. Music was techno-ish, and even though I do not like this genre of music, it is quite addicting. Index’s voice was annoying though. Index was already selling like hot cakes when released, and already it had released a 2nd season. Watch both and enjoy the ride.

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