Slam Dunk – Story of Perseverance and Hope

As legendary sports animes come by, Slam Dunk would be standing up there above the rest. This phenomenal anime had inspired many to take up the sports of Basketball in Japan with its impressive storyline and art. It is no wonder that Slam Dunk had received numerous accolades and record sales in the anime industry, dwarfing other popular anime shows. It is truly a type of anime you would want your child to grow up watching.

Hanamichi Sakuragi is a brash and offensive delinquent who has great brawl but tends to fail against women. He then saw that Haruko Akagi as the girl of his dreams and then follows up by joining the school’s basketball team in order to impress Haruko & to woo her.

Slam Dunk

Without giving out too much spoilers, as the story proceeds on, Sakuragi will then find out that he would love the sport of Basketball as much as his crush on Haruko. He is then compelled to win for the sports and not solely just to chase after Haruko. This will then create a compelling story of how Sakuragi preserved on to become one of the best Basketball players in Japan.

Even though you might feel that the story is like any other sports animes out there in the market, you will be proven wrong once you watch it. Instead of just focusing on the main hero of the story, Sakuragi, the anime tends to give the viewer multiple viewpoints at one time so that other characters will have sufficient background stories. This point of view gives way to deeper plotlines and stronger motivation for viewers to not just root for the main character, but for the whole Basketball team.

Slam Dunk3

The art style of the anime is like any other 90s art style; kind of rough but still viewable. Bearing in mind that the anime ran from 1993 to 1996, the sport scenes are fluid in movement where emotions on the court are clearly depicted to the viewers. The music and sound sequences in Slam Dunk were great as well and I really loved their first opening sequence song, “Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai", by Baad. Sound sequences are in sync with the action and the comedic sound effects are really appropriate for the comedic scenes.

Slam Dunk2

Character development is a big part of Slam Dunk and is one of the things which made it such a blockbuster classic hit around Japan and around the world. The brash but innocent Sakuragi is someone who everyone can cheer for and the anime had done very well in portraying his trials and tribulations in wooing Haruko and to become an excellent Basketball pro. Like I said before, other characters are also given time and space for them to bask in the limelight for a while for the story to not get repetitive.

In a nutshell, I had enjoyed the ride which Slam Dunk had put me through and I feel that you might too as well. There are 101 episodes so sit tight for the great ride you will be on while watching this timeless classic.

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