A Fun to Watch Animated Series : Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is very well known to all and he’s quite familiar in cartoon television industry. Even though he’s popular very few of us knows complete bio of him so we thought to provide some info regarding his personal and professional carrier. The very first question in all people’s mind is actually, who is Mr. Bean and now coming to the answer is his real name is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson and he was born on January 6 in the year 1955. His parents named as Eric and Ella May and they are middle class workers and there occupation is cultivation. Rowan is having two old brothers and according to the reports we are having there names are Rodney and Rupert and both guys showed lot of interest to build up there career in finance.

mr beanRowan (Mr. Bean) done his schooling from Durham Cathedral Choristers School and the most amazing thing is Tony Blair was his schoolmate. In school he received many awards and rewards for his high excellence in getting good marks and apart from studying he used to play comedy dramas when ever there was any occasion conducted by the school authorities. He received B.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Newcastle University at 20 years of age and later he has done with his M. sc in Engineering in science from Queens College and there he secured highest percentage and stood topper of his class.

mr bean 3Rowan footed his step to build his professional career in comedy in the year 1976 and at this instant time he made Richard Curtis. Both he and Richard performed many stage shows and in that Rowan acquired great fame in doing verbal comedy. He has his own style in appearing the stage, everyone seemed to laugh by seeing Rowan and even though if he doesn’t start the program. The year 1978 was turning point of Rowan’s life, in this he has done a stage show called “Beyond the Show “in a very famous theatre named Hampstead Theatre which is situated in London. During his whole act on the stage he made each and every individual person who has attended for the show LAUGH and by this he has able to acquire huge number of fans and very soon his name spread all across the world and got huge fan following. He also done comedy for many radio shows of BBC radio 3 and in this program Rowan played a role of interviewing various professionals with funny mood. This whole series was written by Atkinson and Richard Curtis is being produced by Griff Rhys Jones.

mr bean movie

Soon after he got very good offers to act in television serials and for this huge remuneration has been paid by popular producers. He acted in many seasons in TV and also spotted in different movies. By this he was able to make his own popularity over here. Even though acting in many of the shows and movies he was very familiar with his own show called Mr. Bean in which he was seen playing a Buffoon type character. It has become a very famous and created many wonders and very interesting to hear that in present days this tele show is being telecasted in Pogo channel. Recently a movie has also come out. I personally think that Mr. Bean is a great Show ever made and it makes me laugh most of the time. Though some people hate it but I know there are more people who love it.

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