Accel World – A Virtual World Like No Other

Ever feel that your world is unspectacular or that you are not meant for this world? Well, Accel World is an anime that mirrors how you are feeling.

The anime is set in 2046 where the main character, Arita, is a morbidly obese and ridiculously short guy studying in high school but often bullied by his peers and shunned by girls. Even though he currently has 2 best friends, he is scared of them finding out that he is such a weakling. He enters a virtual world with a device, called the Neuro-Linker, to escape from reality and plays virtual squash there and finds a girl beating his high-score where they then begin their other lives as Burst Linkers, characters in a virtual game to get to the highest level, level 10.

Accel World4

Without giving away too much, the game that they play in, Brain Burst, is much like a melting pot of many already famous games like Street Fighter (with the tacky health and time bar) and Grand Theft Auto (with battles between legions), meaning a viewer would know what to expect primarily.

Characters from this anime are animated to a degree where the eyes blink at certain intervals, the hands move smoothly and the action is thrilling. Sunrise (producer of the anime) has certainly outdone themselves with the graphics. The female characters like Kuroyukihime (the female protagonist) are alluringly attractive. Nothing is sloppy when I watched it in high definition. For example, even though high definition will expose certain graphical flaws, there were none to be found. Characters are also not drawn to be too precise till it is too annoying to view them, but it is just right.

Accel World3 

Accel World’s music is top notch too, where famous Japanese artists perform for the show like May’n and Frip Side. Fast paced and electric, it will certainly attract more youngsters and young adults.

The anime also explores certain parts of human nature like habitual bullying where Arita constantly gets ridiculed and how he gets up onto his own feet later on. Accel World also delves into human morality – how far would you go to achieve your goals? Would you cheat or play foul?

Accel World2

Nonetheless, I still have a few grouses about how the character is developed. The main hero, Arita, is a crybaby – he cries every now and then about his own insecurities and weaknesses instead of trying to improve them immediately. Casual viewers love their heroes strong and arrogant; not someone who lacks the backbone to fight on their won.

However there are redeeming factors about the characters, like Noumi, an antagonist later on in the show, define the word “Scumbag”. He is the type of person that everyone would love to hate and hope to see fail and that brings forth a great amount of emotion and dynamic in the protagonist and the people around him, further improving Accel World.

Accel World

In a nutshell, if you are someone who loves great animation of action and interesting characters, this is the anime for you where I guarantee your time will fly by while watching it.

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