Be a Knight With Mike The Knight

Mike The Knight is an animated series full of action and adventure for young kids, which teaches how to be brave and courageous despite of all the challenges. This also imparts the importance of patience, understanding, caring, loyalty, helping and being compassionate to others. Mike the knight is a colorful and fun TV series with its lovable characters, amusing magic adventure and wonderful music it provides young kids visual representation of animated medieval era.

Mike The Knight2

Kids can surely identify the character of Mike. Mike represents a kid character who tries to be brave and determined in every decision he makes. This series manipulates several characters including kings, empires and wizards. In this series, the character of mike is a boy who is frequent to undertake responsibilities and teaches the kids how to be more responsible and learn the skill of performing undertaken tasks in a prioritized manner. In his series it has been shown how the boy along with his friends performs several undertaken works and learns several lessons accordingly.

Pictured: Mike the Knight, Evie (wizard), Squirt (small Dragon) and Sparkie (big Dragon) in MIKE THE KNIGHT on Nickelodeon.  ©2010 HIT (MTK) Limited and Nelvana Limited, A Canada-United Kingdom Co-production. NELVANA is a trademark of Nelvana Limited. CORUS is a trademark of Corus Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

In every episode, Fernando the bard starts the story of Mike the knight with his humorous and witty story telling. The setting of the story is in medieval age which captures the imagination of the kids for castles and dragons. The story follows the protagonist Mike who desires to become bravest knight to search out for his father. His father was a very great knight who wished to discover adventures. With the help of his two dragon friends named Sparkie and Squirt and also with his horse Galahad, Mike bravely searched his father even though he is just a trainee knight. He also sometimes gets help from his younger sister Evie who likes to tag along with Mike through his adventures. Together all of them solve different adventures which focus on taking responsibilities and cooperation among them.

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