Best Cartoon Channels For Kids

A Cartoon Channel Must be a Channel with shows which entertains people and also develop imagination power of the Children who is watching it. There are many good Cartoon Channels for kids like Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nick, Hungama TV, Disney Channel, Animax and many more. Some are really Good and Some are Worst. There was a time when their was only one channel Cartoon Network and all child used to stick to it but as the time changed there were many new cartoon channel with great cartoons. There were many shows like MAD (Music Art and Dance) and Backyard Science which were purely based on New ideas and Unique Concept like MAD had great Art and the Drawing which they used to show were totally unique and awesome and in Backyard Science Children use to invent new things by waste in the Backyard which would make Science Interesting as most of the Children doesn’t like it. But i don’t really think they were given much response when compared to other cartoons like Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Ben 10 Etc which are the greatest cartoon ever made.

madWell I have been seeing Cartoons from long time and am really sure what people wants. But currently Cartoon Channel end up showing the either the old shows or repeated telecast of some famous cartoons for example in Cartoon Network most of the time I see is Either Tom & Jerry or Richie Rich. Hungama TV is a really good Cartoon Channel though it was in problem due to Shin Chan but later it was solved and it regained its position again and Now its one of the Best Cartoon Channel For Kids undoubtedly.

Hungama-TVHungama TV has great cartoons like Shin Chan, Doraemon, Kitretsu, Genie Family, Robotan, Kochikame and many more. Shin Chan which is one of the best loved Cartoon show in TV right now. But it really had a bad impact on the Children by the Vulgarity in the show and it was hence banned in India but later it was restored with some of the scenes Censored and Vulgarity removed. Doraemon is a really famous cartoon series in Asia and many other countries and also is one of the longest cartoon series. Story of a sweet robot Doraemon who helps Nobita in every turn oh his life. According to a survey Hungama TV is one of the most watched Cartoon Channel in India.

cartoonnetworkCartoon Network which is a very old cartoon Channel and is very famous in most of the countries. Cartoon Network has a large number of great cartoons like Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Ben 10, Ritchie Rich, Tom & Jerry, My Giant Friend and many more. Pokemon which is a story of Pokemon or Pocket Monster like Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu, Diglet and many more. Where Ash and his friends Explores the World of Pokemon and is really an awesome show. Ben 10 has become very popular in quite less span of time. Ben 10 is story of a young boy who get a watch Omnitrix which can transform it to Millions of Aliens. Really a Great Concept. My Giant Friend also is a cartoon series of a Alien who becomes friend of a Young boy and continues how the Boy, His Friends and Alien saves the world for evil Gang SOS. It is also a Great Channel and is loved by alot by Children.

disney_xd_grDisney XD or Disney Channel which is a very famous cartoon channel in whole world and telecast great cartoons like The Donald Duck Show, Dennis and Gnasher and TV Shows like Shararat, Karishma Ka Karishma, Shaka Laka Boom Boom and many more. The Donald Duck show is based on Typical Mickey Mouse Series which was a great hit which shows like Chip and Dale, The Rescue Rangers, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse Show and Dennis and Gnasher which is the next version of Dennis the Menace and is really an awesome series. Then TV shows Like Shararat, Karishma Ka Karishma, Ishaan makes the channel even better.

nickelodeon__fullNick which is a world famous channel too with shows like Perman, Ninja Hattori and many more. Perman is a story of a young boy who is made Perman by Birdman who then gets powers like Super Man and uses the power to help and save the people. Ninja Hattori is a story of a Ninja named Hattori who helps his friend Kenichi from all the troubles caused by his enemy Kemumaki. Its a nice Cartoon Channel not so good though.

pogoPogo which has most of shows based on Indian Heritage Like Chhota Bheem, The Adventures of Hanuman and other like Mr. Bean, MAD and many more. Chhota Bheem which is based on a story of a Young Boy Bheem who is very Strong and who saves the Village from Problems often. Mr. Bean doesn’t need a intro its one of the best comedy show ever made. MAD is purely based on New Innovation and Ideas In Music, Art and Dance it has become really famous with its DVD and CD’s Being sold all over the world. Its a Quite Famous Cartoon Channel in India.

129003_ANIMAX-LOGO_jpgAnimax has really great cartoons like Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk, Inuyasha and many more. Captain Tsubasa is Based on Soccer and has really awesome moves by young boy Tsubasa and the Series really boost up the your Dedication and Determination towards any Aim. Slam Dunk is based on Basket Ball and is really nice Series too. Overall Animax is a Nice Cartoon Channel. So this are one of the Best Cartoon Channel For Kids recently.

dI really hope that more and more Cartoons are produced and shown. Especially like Shin Chan, Doraemon, Pokemon. But the Cartoon Channels currently are really amazing with some great cartoons. I hope they improve still and start showing new episodes instead of old episodes and some shows have become very old which needs to be retired for sure :p. Just a personal opinion. But this Field is improving alot with some great Cartoon Channel and Cartoons. Let us know your Opinion about best Cartoon Channel.


  1. i love dbz

  2. Hungama tv needs more shows

  3. I love dbz the most but it is no more aired on CN which is not good I want them to again air it with many more exciting shows of toonami

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