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Cartoons are something that has always been attracting the children from all spheres and all walks of their life. In the year of 2006, Blue’s Clues happened to cease their show, making a lot of kid’s heart break and ensuring that the children had to live with the nostalgia of not having watched the television show for an infinite amount of time. The format of the show was extremely good, and there was also a lot of information that had to be passed on to the preschoolers, that brought about a lot of change in the perspective of the children.

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The casting had held the key to the success of Blue’s Clues. The cast of Steve Burns had certainly been the best output that the producers of Blue’s Clues had expected. This way, the important casting part had been done in a very good manner, ensuring that the children could actually relate themselves to someone that did not treat them as kids, but rather as the future of the nation. The only human character on this show, Steve Burns had certainly got a very enthusiastic response from the crew as well as audience.

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In this way, Blue’s Clues had certainly been the pioneer of children’s entertainment, and had been able to garner a lot of good points that can certainly bring about the necessary amount of features into the whole aspect of the cartoon. Integrative content, along with extremely good looking features and been the main USP of the cartoon, and the production department, and the slick production has always been the main flag mast of this cartoon. Including the elements of surprise, along with play, the people from Blue’s clues had been able to glue the children to the TV set, not with idiocy, but with very good and educational content.

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Blue’s Clues was basically a children’s show which featured Blue, a blue animated dog and his friend Steve. Together, Steve and Blue used to solve puzzles after Blue leaves three paw marks indicating that they are clues for solving the puzzles. The shows were repetitive and different at the same time. This is because each show involves solving a puzzle but the puzzles in every show were different. As Steve and Blue solve the puzzles from a home setting, they try to capture the attention of children watching on television.

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This educational show was created after careful research by a team of producers. They delved into child development concepts and conducted thorough research on early childhood. They also incorporated the views of parents based on the earlier shows to improve the later shows and maximize the learning opportunities for Preschool Children. This thorough research has been attributed to a large extent to the success of this show.

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No chances were taken in producing the show as the producers took time to meet the producers of every object described in the puzzles. Primary colors used for objects in the show serves to capture the attention of young children. The show considers deaf children such that sign language is used. Songs and humor were also incorporated into the show. In later years, live performances of the show were conducted giving the children a chance to interact with Blue and Steve in a theater setting. Other versions of Blue’s Clues have been produced in at least 120 countries today.

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Blue’s clues was first premiered on Nickelodeon in 1996 and became a large hit and a favorite for many parents of preschool children. No criticism on the show has been voiced, instead, the show continues to be very popular and with good reason. Over the years, therefore, Blue’s Clues received many awards for being an excellent production.

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