Clone High – Historical Figures coming back to Life

What do you get when you put clones of famous historical people from the past in a high school? The result will be Clone High. This cartoon details the fictitious clone lives of Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Joan de Arc, Cleopatra and John F Kennedy in a high school where the headmaster plans to use them to create a clone themed amusement park.

Clone High

While previous MTV cartoons tend to suck and bomb, Clone High is an exception. Borrowing the historical past of each character, the humor lies in the fact that they are the complete opposites of their past. For example, even though the cloned Abraham Lincoln aspires to be his clone father, he is unable to do so while Gandhi turns himself from a peace loving character into a party animal. Each episode also goes through many topics which a teen would encounter, like peer pressure, bullying and even the Prom.

Clone High 3

The graphics is nothing special though, it is like your typical early 21th century cartoons where the outlining is drawn with a thick and bold black. But this kind of art style does bring out the quirk and humor in each character. The music in Clone High is another part which is great as well. They experimented with alternative rock, Metalcore and more from bands. The Abandoned Pools also did a repertoire for Clone High and I feel that the background music which they did was the best of out so many teletoons.

Clone High 2

In the end, I feel that Clone High is a great, but underappreciated series by MTV. The series is not given much chance with only 1 season aired, but if you need a short breather from a hectic and dull life, I feel that Clone High will be the perfect suit for you.

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