Fart Blaster – An Awesome Application by Cartoon Network on Facebook

I am sure you all must know what Farting means. Farting (as always) is a friendly and worldly gesture and Cartoon Network Which is one of the Best Cartoon Channel has launched an application called Fart Blaster in Facebook to promote their upcoming show, Total Drama World Tour. Total Drama World Tour or Total Drama, the Musical which it was formerly called is a cartoon series which is based on 17 contestants who take part in a elimination based competition for C$ 1,000,000 and its really an amazing series with adventure, Fun, Music and Action all involved in it. The Fart Blaster application is a awesome application which lets you blast your friends with Fart who are in your facebook network. Though it would sound ridiculous to some of you but its a really a funny application and I am sure your friends will love it too. Its just like Poking your friends in Facebook. Wondering when you can fart on your friends ? Well, you can fart on friends anytime you want like when they don’t talk to you or when they forget you and you want to get their attention. So let us learn how to use the application and know more about it. Trust me its like a piece of cake and very funny application. You will have to Become the Fan of Cartoon Network on Facebook to use the Application. I am sure most of you are already a Fan and if you are not you can just become by visiting the link Cartoon Network Fan Page.

1. As shown In the picture below just click the Bubble which has the text “Are Your Poots Prepared? Click here to start” inside it to start.

12. Now you have 8 Fart choices to send it to your friends. All are really funny and you can just take your mouse over them and listen to the Fart sound But keep the volume low or your parents will think you are Farting. Crumpet Trumpet is really funny you can click on any of them you like.

2 3. Now Select your Target that is your Friend whom you want to send Fart too and click on Blast ‘EM!.


4. That’s all you are done. You have just blasted your friend with Fart. Now you can just Blast again or Share the Cool application with your friends.


I just tried the application and trust me it was out of this world. I couldn’t stop laughing. The Fart Blaster is really a funny application and here is what Cartoon Network said about it.

“Cartoon Network has the best fans, and we know that they love interacting with each other and sharing fun functionalities within the social space, so we decided to come up with a good way to give them something fun and interactive as a thank you for joining our pages.  And what better way to say thank you than with a fart? Fans of Total Drama World Tour, now airing new episodes on Mondays at 9p e/p, love the show for its irreverent, gross-out humor, so allowing Owen, one of the show’s most popular characters, to say it for us with some select flatulence from around the world is the perfect fit. The response has been strong and our fans are loving the opportunity to spread a little stink, all in the most fun possible spirit, of course.”

I thank Cartoon Network for such a Funny application. So don’t forget to use the application to Blast your friends with Fart. To use the Application you can just follow the link given below and don’t Forget to Watch the Total Drama World Tour on Mondays at 9p e/p.

Fart Blaster


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