Gon The Stone Age Boy

Gon The Stone Age Boy is a new addition in the Hungama TV. It has been dubbed from Japanese manga named “Hajime ningen Gon” to Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other Indian languages. Gon The Stone Age Boy has about 39 episodes each of about 25 minutes and it was released in 2005 as a Japanese series. Gon The Stone Age Boy is currently being aired on Hungama TV at 11:00 AM. Though most of them are repeated episodes but its still fun to watch.

Gon The Stone Age Boy

Gon The Stone Age Boy is a story of a young boy named Gon, who is very funny, naughty and mischievous. As the title says the series is about the stone age where animals and humans live together in peace and they hunt for animals and depend on plants for their daily food. Many weird animals are shown in the series which might have existed millions of years ago. Some things are really imaginary like in the other episode where Gon gets a cloud which helps Gon get water for his mother. Gon lives with his family that is his mother and father in a cave. Dotechin is Gon’s best friend who is a gorilla. Piko is his girl friend and is very cute though irritating character.

Gon The Stone Age Boy2

Piko always trouble him and gets him stuck in many problems. Due to Piko he lost the cloud and cloud had to go away with his parents and in one episode they are stuck in an unknown place due to Piko. But its really funny to see all these and do add to the adventure of the series. Every episode has a new adventure involved in it with new types of animals and places. The way the characters interact is also very funny. Overall Gon The Stone Age Boy is a series full of Adventure, Laughter, Mysteries and Excitement.

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