Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series which is read as “Hunter Hunter” written and illustrated by a famous author Yoshihiro Togayashi. This manga series was first published on March 1998 by Shonen Weekly Jump.


This story is about a life of Gon Freecs a 12 year old boy who is looking for his father Ging Freecs. He was abandoned by his father when he is just an infant to his aunt Mito on Whale Island (a place where he and her aunt is living). He was been told since he was a kid that his father is dead and until the time comes, the truth about his father was been revealed when he meet Kite. Kite told him that his father is actually alive and is known as one of the famous black list hunter (Hunter are known as elite member of society with licensed to accept special jobs like treasure hunting and assassinating people). He decided to find his father and to be capable of doing this he undergo the hunter examination. He first meet Leorio that later become a good friend of him who stands as the big brother of their group. Though Leorio seems the weakest of the group he is actually physically stronger that Gon when both of them are not using nen. He even mastered the Ten and Nen principles without a teacher not just like Gon and Killua. Killua Zaoldyeck is Gon’s best friend he meet him on hunter examination just like Leorio. He is a member of the famous and feared family of assassins the “Zaoldyeck Family”.


The last member of their group is known as Kurapika the last survivor of the Kurta clan which is murdered by the group known as Spider. Their clan has unique irises that change into red whenever they feel anger and emotional agitation. Because of this circumstance Gon decided to help Kurapika of finding the leader of the group Spider which is known as Kuroro Lucifer. Kurapika have won against Kuroro using his “Judgment Chain” where in he impose rules to the person whom he used his ability that causes death when disobeyed. After helping Kurapika, Gon and Killua continued their search for Gon’s father on Greed Island (a video game that actually sucks the player in and played physically when you died on the game you died on real world too) this is the place where they meet Biscuit Krueger the one who teach them how to use Nen.


Gon have successfully finished the game and as a reward he was given a change to choose three cards from the said game that he can used on real world. He chooses the card called “Accompany” that can brings players to the location of other players. Because Gon and Killua believe that the player who name Nigg is Ging they used the card to meet him but ends up of bringing them to Kite. After meeting Kite again Gon and Killua decided to work with him but unfortunately Kite was been killed by the Royal Guards, thus making Gon and Killua decided to join the extermination team to take revenge of their friend.

Hunter x hunter is now have 310 chapters on manga series and 50 episodes on anime series. Watching and reading this series really makes chills out of me. This anime has a really good story so I encouraging you to watch or read it.

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