Motorcity Preview – Animated Cartoon from Disney and Titmouse

Disney Television Animation and Titmouse Inc. produced an animated cartoon called Motorcity, which is a television series. Chris Prynoski, who has many credits in film and TV, created and directed the Motorcity. The series was first published on April 30, 2012 in Disney XD.


After its launch, Motorcity immediately became the favourite cartoon among youngsters. The background is simple, and easy to understand. In the future of Detroit, there will be a mastery of technology and power of the capitalists called Abraham Kane. He builds a city called Detroit Deluxe on top of the old city, which has high technology, but no freedom. Citizens living in the city are under autocratic governing, including no freedom on automobile transportation. Abraham Kane prepares to conquer the city located beneath the old City, called Motorcity. Luckily, in Motorcity, there is a group of people who are willing to fight against the Abraham Kane, called Burners. Burners are managed by Mike Chiton and drive their own sports car to fight for freedom and protect the Motorcity.


Although the graphic is not in high definition, the design of the protagonists is special and interests the audience. For example, Mike Chilton, which is the main protagonist, is the hero in the Motorcity. Although he faced a lot of challenges from Abraham Kane, he still can manage his team systematically to solve the issues together. In addition to the character of the protagonists, some protagonists also have special talents, which are really interesting. For example, Chuck is an expert in computer. He can help to maintain the security of the computer systems in the Motorcity, and also acts as a consultant to help Mike Chilton to find an alternative solution.


In addition to the TV platform, the Motorcity is now launched in many platforms, such as iTunes. You can watch Motorcity on iPhone at anytime and anywhere. Until 30 Apr 2012, there are 20 episodes for season 1. There is still no ending for the cartoon.

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