Ninja Boy Rantaro–Yet Another Ninja Cartoon

Ninja boy Rantaro or Nintama Rantaro is a Japanese animated series that has become a popular game worldwide. Targeted at young children, the series appeals to people of all ages and provides light entertainment for anyone who is looking for Japanese adventure. The game features the main character Rantaro, along with his friends and teachers attending a Ninja school.

The Characters

Ninja boy Rantaro

Rantaro, a young red haired and bespectacled boy born into a poor Ninja family, attends the Ninja school with the determination to become the best elite ninja possible. He has two friends in the school Kirimaru and Shinbei, who become his constant companions. The friends are very different in character and they land in the Hagumi class that is considered to have the least competent students. The main teachers, Yamada-sensei and Doi-sensei have their hands full trying to control the students who would rather spend their time joking around than learning.

The Film

Ninja boy Rantaro2

Like with all popular works, Nintama Rantaro has been created into a film. The film, like the game is targeted at a young audience but it has attracted the interest and attention of much older fans. The film directed by Takashi Mike follows the ninja boy and his exploits as he tries to become a master ninja. As the boy and his friends try to learn the tools of the trade, they go through many adventures that provide light entertainment to the fans. The film uses both comedy and bright colors to try to get the attention of the audience. While the film may not be award winning, many fans of the series enjoy watching the adorable kids in their cute outfits, acting their hearts out.

Sound Track

Ninja boy Rantaro3

One of the most notable things about the series is the sound track. Many who have had the music find it difficult to forget the playful, upbeat tunes. You can even find lyrics on several online sites, for those who want to sing along. With many YouTube videos featuring the music, fans are able to sing along even though they do not know what the words mean. The fun entertainment appeals to all who love adventure and Japanese features.

Ninja boy Rantaro has been translated into different languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English to appeal to a wider audience. Anyone who wants to enjoy the entertainment can get free online games from different sites. The games that have been adapted in different forms continue to attract many fans and a large social media following.


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