Life Lessons with “Peanuts” – A Tribute to Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz, nicknamed Sparky was the creator of the famous cartoon strip “Peanuts”. He was born in the year 1922 in Minnesota. He was nicknamed after Spark Plug who was a horse in the comic strip named Barney Google, created by Billy De Beck. Schulz created a large number of cartoon strips during his time and he is best known for Peanuts, which is still reprinted internationally in several magazines and newspapers, on a daily basis.

About Peanuts

Charles Schulz Peanuts

“Peanuts” was first published in 1947 in the local newspaper of St Paul. The main character was Charlie brown who told his story of growing up with his friends, pets, and school. He was always confused, bullied, and made fun of and the comical angle was chosen by Charles to personify his thoughts. He had a dog named Snoopy who could communicate through his thoughts. He was never shown as a talking dog but it was indicated in many strips that Charlie understood what he was thinking sometimes. Snoopy had a best friend who was a yellow bird named Woodstock. Woodstock and Snoopy had long conversations during their spare times too. Charlie’s younger sister was named Sally Brown and all of them were friends with Linus, Rerun, and Lucy van Pelt. Other characters included Schroeder who played the piano, Peppermint Patty who was shown as a bossy character, her best friend Marcie who liked Charlie secretly, Franklin, Frieda, Violet, Roy, Peggy Jean (who later became Charlie’s girlfriend), Shermy, and Charlotte Barun. Most of these characters went to the same school together.

Charles’ Development Of Comic Art


From a very young age, Charles was interested in drawing and he sometimes drew his pet dog Spike and made him do unusual things in his comics. Charles himself was timid and shy in school, being the youngest in his class and the same characteristics were reflected in Charlie’s personality in Peanuts. Earlier, Charles tried to print his drawings and comics in the school paper and they were all rejected. 60 years after Charles left school, and, became famous; a five foot tall statue of snoopy was placed in the school as a sign of respect for Charles. Charles shortly went to join the army and after he was discharged in 1945 he started working at a Roman Catholic magazine in Minnesota as a lettering worker for comics. In 1946 he started working at Art Instructions Inc. where he reviewed the work of students. While working on Peanuts, he took up a correspondence course in the same institution.

Rise Of Peanuts And Its Recognition


In 1947, his first comic was published under the name of “Li’l Folks”. Peanuts made its first appearance in October 1950 in United Feature Syndicate and since that day, there was no looking back for Charles. He gradually became a full time comic creator and Peanuts became one of the most famous cartoons of all time. There was a time when Peanuts was published in 75 countries in more than 20 languages in 2,600 papers on a daily basis. Even today many of his works of Peanuts are being re-published.


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