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Dennis & Gnasher or Dennis & Gnasher – Unstoppable! is a new cartoon series featured oh Disney XD. Which is probably the next version of famous cartoon series “Dennis the menace”. Well who can forget that excellent cartoon series which had involved various troubles caused by Dennis to his parents and his neighbors. Dennis and Gnasher Feature the return of Dennis, Mum, Dad, Pie Face, curly, his sweet little troublemaker sister Bea and his dog Gnasher in the town of Mayhem. 

dennisWell most of us know about Dennis who always causes trouble to people . Here the trouble is doubled by his dog Gnasher and his friends Curly and Pie Face help him alot. Many changes have been made which has made the series “Dennis & Gnasher” much better than the old series Dennis the menace. Bea his sister has made the series even more better who causes trouble to Dennis by her sweet activities. Dennis is only troubled by her in whole world i believe. The dog Gnasher who is always troubled by Dennis who wants to send Gnasher to Space so he tries all new stuffs. Dennis’s father works in a paper and a clip factory and his boss is a very mad person. But Dennis sometimes saves his dad from the boss. Truly a Great cartoon series.

dennis and gnasherOnly some episodes have been shown yet which were awesome and people are waiting for more. Even the Official site of Dennis & Gnasher is awesome which is Dennis & Gnasher Official Site and you can read more about Dennis & Gnasher their and play Cool games too. While browsing the Site i found a cool game so though of sharing with all the people. Here is the Direct link for Cool Dennis & Gnasher Game from the official Site .

Dennis & Gnasher Game 1

Dennis & Gnasher Game 2

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