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Dragon Hunters is a cartoon series which is going to premier on Disney XD on 16th August. Dragon Hunters was created by Arthur Qwak. Dragon Hunters is originally known is France as Chasseurs de Dragons. Dragon Hunters is the adventure of two hunters who fight against the dragons. The main character is Lian-Chu, Gwizdo and Hector. Lian-Chu is more kindhearted and honorable when compared to Gwizdo. He mostly deals with slaying the dragon and all muscular actions. Gwizdo is the brain of the group. He tries to solve all the matters with knowledge rather than power. He is also coward from heart but gets into action, when his friends are in trouble. Gwizdo and Lian-Chu are childhood friends and love each other a lot.

dragon_huntersGwizdo also flies their airship from which they can travel from one place to other. Hector is their pet dragon who is not a scary and a huge dragon but looks like a dog but actually is a carnivorous rabbit. He basically does nothing but eating and picking on other animals like chicken and sheep. Dragon Hunters was shown in US before for some time in Cartoon Network. But didn’t become much popular and vanished from the TV. Even the comic series known as "Chasseurs de Dragons" is published in France. Which is very popular in the France. We Hope it also becomes a hit in India. So Don’t forget to Watch Dragon Hunters on Disney XD at 16th august. You can Play Dragon Hunters game below.

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