Play Guzura (Disney Channel) Games Online

Guzura is an amazing comedy anime series which is being aired on Disney Channel. It is basically a Japanese series which was dubbed into Hindi so it can be shown in India. The series is the story of a cute little dinosaur name Guzura, who accidently lands up to the world where human lives and is amazed to see the wonderful and weird world of the humans. He also meets Bonta and Tin who becomes his very good friends and helps him from the humans who think he is a monster who have come to destroy their town.


The series hardly contain some 50 episodes and is a very short series. It involves how the Guzura causes problems to the humans with his extraordinary activities. He has the ability to eat metal and produce various mechanical devices. Though he looks a bit scary to some people but he is very cute and innocent as he is just a baby.


The series continues on how the Guzura interacts with human and other creatures. Guzura is a very old series which was first aired on Fuji TV in the early 1970’s. Then the remake was made and is was aired on TV Tokyo in 1988 and now it is being aired on Disney Channel. Though much is not known about the series it was directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and produced by Tatsunoko Pro. Very nice series and will surely entertain the children for quite a while. Don’t forget to Watch Guzura on Disney Channel. You can Play Guzura Game Online Below.

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