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Kimba the White Lion, the United States version of the originally Japanese manga called Jungle Emperor, is an anime series that has its roots back in the 1960’s. In fact, the earliest presentation of the concept was in a serialized manga by the creator of the series, Osamu Tezuka. That was back in 1950’s. About a decade later, Osamu teamed up with Mushi Production and laid the foundation for the production of an anime series based on his wonderful story.


The story is about Leo (Kimba in the U.S.), a cub whose birth takes place in trying circumstances for his mother Eliza. Leo’s father is trapped and killed by  Ham Egg (known as Viper Snakely in the U.S. version). His mother is being transported to a zoo when his birth takes place, on board a ship under a storm studded sky. All this happens in the backdrop of mid-20th century Africa, with humans encroaching deep into the pristine forest territories. Leo’s father died for the cause of the other animals of his jungle, and this sacrifice is innate to Leo. His ideals mirror those of his father’s and he grows up, learning from his human caretakers all the nuances of peaceful co-existence. And when he is mature enough to venture into the unprotected wilds, he is determined to alleviate all the conflicts between his fellow creatures of the jungle and the humans. The beauty of the story has led to the adoption and adaptation of this series by many countries like France, Italy, Spain and Germany who have all translated the story into their home productions, with a few variations. you can Play Kimba the White Lion game below.

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