Play The Most Popular Super Mario Game Online In Facebook

Who doesn’t know About Mario . A world popular game which all of us have played when we were small. The man who use to fight all the monsters kill them by jumping on them or firing the bullets. Some monsters were really hard to kill like those monkeys which used to irritate a lot . Mario Game which was usually played in Video games or Game boy .

Most of them were using cheats to complete the game like jumping from one level to another. Well cant help it . It wasn’t so easy after all. After seeing this game in Facebook i was actually surprised to see such amount of people still paying this Game . 


Super Mario Game the game in which we used to guide Mario or Luigi through many dangers, Collecting The coins and the mushrooms Growing big and finally killing the dragon and saving the Queen . Never realized its the Queen or his Girl Friend. But was fun to finish the last level which had a horrifying dragon.

So lets go back in Time and play that wonderful Mario Game Online for free . You just need a Facebook account to play it . This game has the same monster and same ambience like the real Mario just the world or the map are different so you will enjoy it a lot to play a new series of map . So what are you waiting for enjoy the adventures of Super Mario Game Online at Facebook . Just follow The link below and click on go to application to Play the game . you need to login to play . I hope you all will be having a Facebook Account. If you don;t have one you can create one for free by visiting their site . I hope You enjoy the game.

Link For The Super Mario Game :

Play Super Mario Game

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