Play Vicky Aur Vetaal (Disney XD) Games Online

Vicky and Vetaal or Vicky Aur Vetaal is a children comedy semi cartoonic show which is loved by children of India. It is featured on Disney XD Channel which is a very famous cartoon channel. Vicky Aur Vetaal is a story of a young smart and a energetic guy Vicky who accidently saves Vetaal a foolish ghost who was hanging on a tree from 300 years in a graveyard. Vicky Aur Vetaal is a show based on the tales of Baital Pachisi which is based on King Vikram and Betal(Vetaal),

vickeyA huge Vampire like thing. Vicky Aur Vetaal is a comedy show which will make you laugh a lot. In which the Vicky is in trouble and Vetaal tries to solve it but instead makes the condition worse. Vetaal is accompanied by his living magic book “Paddu” who saves him from troubles. Vicky Aur Vetaal is a must watch children series and is loved by children and adults too. The stories continues with pranks made by Vicky and Vetaal who tries to help him but instead both get stuck in their prank. Really great series here is a excellent game of Vicky and Vetaal for you people.

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