Postman Pat : Special Delivery Service

Postman Pat is an animated children series that was first produced by Woodland Animations and is currently being aired on Cbeebies. An iconic kids TV series, was a must watch for kids ranging from school goers to teenagers. BBC programming relayed the fantastic cartoon sequel again with additions of new episodes in 1996 as it was the Britain’s first ever Stop motion episodic animation released all over United Kingdom.

Postman Pat

First time Featured in 1981, is about a postman named Pat Clifton who lives in Greendale town, a suburb with his be loving wife Sarah Clifton and daughter Julian Clifton. As a delivery man, his job is to deliver mails from all over Greendale to their entitled recipients as a postman but instead he impersonates himself as highly gregarious and extrovert to others at times, always depending on his town fellowmen’s opinions and suggestions about matters pertinent to himself and even his family. His biggest friends for he posses’ great affection and love for is, Jesse, a black and white cat who always helps around the people of Greendale.

Postman Pat2

The postman pat is concerned about the welfare of his town and its people all the time. And that’s one of the reasons he manages to feel affection and carries about the spirit of unanimity among the folks of his town. Among his popular friends are the Granny Dryden – An old lady who lives in a cottage in the Greendale countryside, Ted – A local handyman who can fix anything, Peter Fogg – A farmer who works at Greendale farms, Major Forbes – An old army major and many more who are dearly fond of him.

Postman Pat 3

The series itself depicts the life of the country side in its true color and essence. It’s undoubtedly the best ever animation featured for kids. A recent survey pertaining to the animation series televised in UK, ‘Mr. Bean’, ranked highly among the kids; can be brought in comparison with the Postman Pat. It’s mainly because of the quality of the animation produced in the series. When 3D technology wasn’t employed as a medium for developing high quality graphics even then it was still able to entice the viewer’s attention.

Postman Pat 4

In 1996, when across the Atlantic teenagers were busy approving the Sesame Street fiscar that encapsulated every puppet adoring and cartoon frenzy mind, meanwhile here in Great Britain Postman Pat drove every child’s mind crazy. This hereby exemplifies the magic of the episodic sequel. Had ther ever there been such a successful series that depicted the life of the suburbs, freedom and learning material for the kids, Postman pat immediately flashes back into our minds with its unrelenting memories. An admired, adored and a genuine animation that still resonates within our minds in the metaphors of flashbacks.

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