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Rescue Force is a show featuring a Super-Disaster Response Team centrally located in the United Fire-Defense Agency better known as UFDA. This is a branch of the Earth Federation originally based of a group known as the Hyper Rescue group. When dispatched the Rescue Force serves as a group meant to protect earth’s races from all kinds of different disasters that would be out of the normal scope of your average every day rescue team. Rescue Force was actually transferred to Europe’s branch at the time of Rescue Fire’s formation. When disaster strikes the synthetic satellite; Rescue Eye goes from Fortress Mode to Flight Mode, thus allowing Rescue Eye to carry the Rescue Force and their much needed vehicles to ground zero of the disaster. Every Rescue Force member has different colored armor but all wear the same orange suit.

Rescue Force3

There are six members of the Rescue Force, including the captain Eiji (Aru Faibu) and the Captain General Natsuno Nanbu (Nanbu Natsuno) better known to her friends as Nancy (Nanshi). The rest of the team members are: Hikaru (Aru Wan) known for his prowess in emergency vehicle operations; who wears blue armor. Kyosuke (Aru Tsu) wears silver armor and plays the usual easy going and cheerful character in the group; always putting himself in the line of fire to insure the safe completion of any rescue mission. Rei (Aru Suri) is the token cool chick and also favors martial arts; donning red armor. Juri (Aru Fo) goes into the disaster zone wearing white; perfectly denoting her kind hearted nature. She also specializes in medical rescue, ensuring the proper medical care for all injured on site.

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As the show runs its course, Neo Thera (Neo Tera) is found to be the root of all of these super disasters. It’s an evil organization that hides its fortress in the clouds; their prime objective is to technically reset earth. Neo Thera’s three great executives were created to destroy the Earth until they were discovered and trashed only to come back completely rebuilt later on in the show. Neo Thera also employs the use of android foot soldiers to get in the way of the Rescue Force hoping to interfere with any rescue efforts made on their part in any disaster caused by the three great executives.

Rescue Force

Neo Thera often employed the use of what they coined Disaster Generating Devices. One well known one is the Crisis Maker. Each one had a diverse range of calamities used to make super disasters on Earth. Other machines and devices used were the Terra Resetter, the Al Daen, Crisis Cards (many different types), the Zukcrane, Metal Train, Microwave Cannon, Geyser Dragon, Plasma man and the notorious Gas (51) which when released its effects would play on the fears of people. This same gas was released on accident throughout a school but eventually gets negated by the Rescue Striker just as it starts forming in the atmosphere. Rescue Force has aired fifty-one episodes and has spun off one movie.


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