Space Goofs : A Mind-Blowing Comedy Series

In the year 1997, a popular French animated series, Space Goofs was aired on France 3 in English language. Space Goofs is currently being aired on Hungama TV. All the three leading French production companies Gunther-Waul Productions, Xilam and Gaumont Film Company, produced it for serving the genre of comedy. It has also been aired on UK and U.S.A channels.

Space Goofs

Amazing characters:

Etno Polino is a scientific master, having red lips, big nose with tiny, purple body. He is the creator of all kinds of scientific machines.

Bud Budiovitch is a lazy fellow who has extensive bloodshot eyes, long neck and 3 strands of hairs. He is orange and tall, often acts as a naive teenager who likes to spend all of his time by watching TV and having soft drinks

Space Goofs3

Candy Caramella is a little and green girl in space goofs, having wrinkles on forehead. She wears an apron of polka dots and a neat freak of their group.

Gorgious Klatoo is a blue and fat chap. His character is popular due to his greedy nature.

Stereo Monovici has two heads and tall nose. He is the group’s worm and comes up with vague ideas.

Space Goofs2

The story of Space goofs revolves around the above five aliens from a planet named, Zigma B. They were going together on the picnic and a large asteroid crash their spaceship. As a result, they fall onto the Earth and hide themselves in a rented house. They believe that if the humans will know that they are aliens, they would be experimented. There are two ultimate goals of the aliens; the first one is to return their planet, and the second is to chase anyone who helps to establish them in a house.

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