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The premiere of a brand new animated television show certainly excites everyone, especially the younger audience and the same is the case with The Amazing World of Gumball. Ben Bocquelet is the creator of the animated television series which is targeted towards European and American audiences. The animated show is set to make its debut on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom on 2nd May, 2011 and a week later it would also premiere in the United States, on 9th May, 2011.


The entire cast of the animated series is in fact made of Ben Bocquelet’s rejected characters which were to be a part of commercials but never made it there. So, the show is certainly going to be quite unique and especially comical. The main character on which this show is based is Gumball Watterson, a cat who is twelve years old and always loves to go out on adventures, even though his adventures do not always turn out very well. Also joining Gumball on the show is Darwin Watterson, Gumball’s former pet fish who evolves to have legs which allow him to walk. The rest of the distinct and comical cast comprises of quite a variety of major and minor characters as well.


The first season of this animated show consists of a total of 18 episodes which would run for half an hour each. The young audience of Cartoon would surely be enjoying this new animated series since it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before. In fact the comical and absurd humor of the show is sure to leave them laughing all the while they watch the episodes. For Sneak Peek, Games and Videos of The Amazing World of Gumball visit the link below.

The Amazing World of Gumball


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    i love the cartoon the giant friend……..i want to be the friend of lioness and boom……….

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