The Cleveland Show – Some Light Black Humor for the Whole Family

Running for more than 3 seasons with the 4th one currently running, The Cleveland Show is a cute comedic television cartoon show meant for everybody. Bundled with Seth MacFarlane’s 2 other projects, Family Guy and American Dad, the Cleveland Show is different in many aspects from his other 2 projects. The Cleveland Show focuses on a black family living in Stoolbend, with Cleveland the main character living with his wife and kids as he deals with varying funny situations which will definitely leave you in stitches.

THE CLEVELAND SHOW (working title): THE CLEVELAND SHOW (working title) is the story of what happens when FAMILY GUY's Cleveland Brown (voiced by Mike Henry) moves to Stoolbend, VA to make good on a promise to his high school sweetheart.Ê THE CLEVELAND SHOW (working title) airs Sundays (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) this spring on FOX.

Musical elements of the show are mixed with tunes from the 80s, especially the jazz and dancing in the show. The opening sequence and tunes of the Cleveland Show is delightfully bright and vibrant, with a dancing vibe, tempting your feet to dance to the beat. Voice actors inside the show are also veterans to the business, best example being Seth MacFarlane himself voicing Tim the Bear. He carries out the voice of an accented character perfectly, with a hint of cutesy of a bear.

The Cleveland Show2

In the graphics department, the Cleveland Show is much like the other 2 of his shows. Each character has their own unique clothing and mannerisms. For example, the afro hair of Rallo’s is especially memorable as you will think about how such a small body fits such a big afro. The story line of the Cleveland Show is also half decent, often depicting how Cleveland gets into trouble but later redeeming himself in his family’s eyes and enabling the viewers to learn something from his mishaps. The show also adopts stereotypes, like the uneducated rednecks, but all of those just adds to the fun of the Cleveland Show, making it a must watch for those who are fans of Seth’s cartoons and comedy.

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