The Genie Family

The Genie Family is a new cartoon which can be seen on Hungama TV at 5:00 IST . Its Basically a fun filled cartoon series based on a Genie and his family . It was shown in Europe, America and Australia as “Bob in a Bottle” Instead of Genie Family.

The Show is Pretty Good and getting good response from the children but personally i didn’t like it much . As compared to Aladdin and other Cartoons related to Genie like Alif Laila Etc .

The Concept in Aladdin and animation was really adorable and awesome . The Genie Family is based on the life of a Genie called Hakushon ( Achoo in India ) and his daughter Akubi who always trouble her .

genie family

A young child named Kan Chan accidently finds a old bottle and sneeze . After the boy sneeze the Achoo ( Genie ) Appear . So unlike Aladdin people have to sneeze to bring out the genie here . Pretty Weird i know but creativeness .

The Story Continues as the genie starts staying with the Kan Chan family and solves the problem of young Kan Chan who is always in trouble because of his teacher, friends and a neighbor dog and some times he get in serious trouble when the dog steals the bottle and calls out Achoo ( Genie ) and uses him against the Kan Chan.

The Genie has a Magic Hand – One made from Plastic . Which he uses as a wand to cast his magic spells . Though they are not effective all the times . He sometimes get rid of problems and sometimes get into problems by his magic .

Akubi the daughter of Achoo is a young and a energetic girl who is scared of mirrors but knows a lot of magic even more than real genie Achoo . Sometimes gets angry and causes problem to the whole Genie Family .

The theme song is really nice which attracts most of the people to the show . Now lets see how can it last long in the world of cartoons.


  1. Hope it will ever come on a DVD box, love the series! every morning it came on tv, certainly want to see it again, it’s humor. Did you actually know that this series were made in 1969, because I did not, it looked like fresh to me in the nineties.

    Well Rhino or any other, Please bring this series to DVD

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