Top 5 Funniest Cartoons

Since the invention of television and cartoons, of course, they have always played a vital role in each and every person’s childhood. As in my case, when I was a child, cartoons were just everything for me, like when I wake I would rub my eyes and will start with a Looney tunes show which will be continued by a series of cartoons all through the day till my mom drags me and puts me to sleep at night. Such was the craze I had and I am sure everyone would have experienced the same. So here is the list of some of the funniest cartoons ever.

1. Tom And Jerry

Tell this name to any child and his face will instantly light up and his exult will serve as a proof for how alluring and captivating this series has been. Originally produced by Hanna and Barbara this series has 114 episodes created from 1940-1958. This series won lots of awards and the best of them is the viewer’s unbound expression of joy all over the world even after 50 years of its creation. Hats-off to the creators, who had made this master piece which is, and will remain as every child’s favorite cartoon for, ever and ever!

2. The Road Runner Show

road runner

This show features two characters Wile Coyote and The Road Runner. The coyote tries every way plausible to catch the bird but the bird outwits it each and every time. At last the coyote would not only return empty-handed but also with bruises caused due to the back-firing of his plans. This show earned critical acclaim world-wide and became famous over time

3. The Looney Tunes Show


Some hilarious shows like The Bugs Bunny’s show and the Porky Pigs show served to elevate the stature of Looney tunes and it soon became a part of children’s must see list. Dialogues like Th Th Th That’s all folks by porky pig became so popular that the rating of the whole series increased by leaps and bounds.

4. Mr. Bean animated series


When Mr. Bean character and series became an instant hit they immediately brought it in animated form and it provoked Mind-boggling response from all over the world and soon it became a great hit among children who loved to watch the witty and sometimes stupid acts of Mr. Bean who captured the hearts of people of all age.

5. Mickey Mouse

This show is one of the earliest of creations and the dialogues are very less but yet it proved that script is not an essential feature and there is much more to comedy than dialogues. The show was not a success in its first filming as the creator found difficult even to find a distributer for his cartoon but unabated by his failure he continued his pursuit and brought out one of the finest cartoons of all time.

The list is endless. But these are some best ever lasting funny cartoons which the world has witnessed till now. Cartoons are not meant only for children. Even if an aged person in 60s sees a tom and jerry or bugs bunny flick his heart will leap and all for next few minutes he can experience his childhood all over again. Such is the power of cartoons.

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