Toriko – An Anime Where Muscle is Coupled with Cuisine

Great and tantalizing food with an endless excitement of action is the only way to describe an anime that is unique like Toriko. Hardly has there been any anime that is as special as Toriko, which combines the aspects of creative foods and ingenious combat & indeed, Toriko certainly does deserve to be called one of the most popular anime of the new century.


When I watch animes, I watch them for their entertainment values where a fantasy adventure is embarked on & that I can fully enjoy what the protagonists are doing. Toriko provides just that with its wide array of visuals & fiction. The story is about Toriko, one of the 4 heavenly kings, travelling with his sidekick & chef, Komatsu, around the world to taste different exquisite food while defeating enemies along the way. Food is the commodity like Oil in our world, rare and precious. That is why the antagonist group, Bishokukai, is trying to seize control of it, with our main hero & his friends stopping the group along the way.


Personally, I feel that the plot is well developed from the first episode where we get introduced to our main man & his buddy chef. Such as other fantasy worlds like One Piece, Toriko is brimming with surprises that will aim to excite your eyes & taste buds. It details how Toriko gets better with practice and how he defeats newer enemies with those training, something which our younger generation could take a pointer from. It also emphasizes that food is precious & should not be treated lightly; which our younger generation do take lightly of. All in all, Toriko’s plot is littered with gems that we can take away when we are finished with it.


Next, we’ll be talking about the art of the anime. If you are not a fan of the grotesquely shaped muscle man or ridiculous hair, please give this series a chance. The character’s art will surely soon grow on you (which it as on me) & with as time passes by, you will discover that the art flows smoothly with its action; something that is in the end very important in any battle anime. The foods displayed in the anime are also very detailed & perhaps too exaggerated, but scintillating to the point where you, who are watching in front of your screen, might be drooling.


The sound in Toriko is primarily fine with me, but I feel that the Opening & Ending Songs do have some improvement which they can make. However, the biggest grouse which I have with this amazing anime is the fact that there is too much censorship in it. As someone who reads Toriko in its Manga form regularly, it disappoint me to see that there are not much blood spilling out of animals as those are the things which forms the pillar of masculinity of the show. On an overall scale, Toriko is surely a series which you can take on & not to be disappointed at all.

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