Tree Fu Tom To Be Showcased On CBeebies

BBC’s CBeebies television channel has not just become popular among British children but is in fact being viewed all across the globe for its unique shows and series appropriate for younger kids. The latest addition to list of shows that CBeebies has to offer was in the form of an animated show, Tree Fu Tom.


This new animated show is all about Tom, who might seem to be an eight year old but, is ordinary by no means. Tom in fact has a magic belt with the help of which he is intantly able to transform himself into a superhero that uses his ‘Tree Fu’ super powers.

This animated show basically follows Tom, as a superhero as he enters the magical world of Treetopolis to go extraordinary adventures. Tagging along on Tom’s adventures is his sidekick Twigs, while Tom also has to face sprites and the Mushas, the naughty fungi. So, it is all in the hands of Tom and the audience at home to ensure that Tom succeeds in his adventure and prevents disaster from striking in the magic world of Treetopolis.

Tree Fu Tom2

Almost like every other show which is broadcasted on CBeebies, ‘Tree Fu Tom’ is also aimed at a really young audience. Nonetheless, for the little ones, the show will indeed prove to be really fun to watch as they join Tom in his exploration and adventures into a magical land. The fact that Tom even interacts with the audience would further interest the young kids and they wouldn’t want to miss a single episode.

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