Watch Chimpui on Hungama TV

Hungama TV is continuing the trend of airing Japanese Manga dubbed in Hindi and other Indian Languages. This time the manga which has been dubbed is Chinpui or Chimpui. However, Hungama TV is using the name Chimpui. Chimpui was originally written in 1989 and had approximately 51 episodes. I hope Hungama TV will show all the episodes.


Chimpui is a story of a young girl named Eri, Who is a normal girl living on the planet Earth. One day she is visited by some weird but relatively cute and sweet aliens from the Planet ‘Mal’. After some talks with the aliens Eri figures out that she has been selected as the most desirable person to marry their beloved prince Lululoff and they have come to take her with them to the planet Mal. However she is not quite satisfied and rejects the offer. But the aliens have to convince her at any circumstances. So Chimpui and Wanderyu stay back on the earth to convince her to marry their prince Lululoff.


The story continues with day to day activities of Chimpui and Eri. In the beginning Chimpui faces problem on the planet Earth but as and when time passes by he adapts himself and becomes really close to Eri. So will Eri agree to marry their prince Lululoff and go to the planet Mal ?. To get the answer don’t forget to Watch Chimpui on Hungama TV.


  1. i love it ….!! chimpui rocks…..!!

  2. Subham Deb says

    I love it ….!! Chimpui rocks…..!! Give this cartoon maximum.

  3. I loves chimpui cartoon . . . Specially character of of eri . . N her voice in hindi dubbed . . . So gracefull voice . . . . I loves it . . . Hmmm bt now a days hangama tv not showing chimpui cartoon . . . Hope again wil show i watch daily . . .

  4. its a very good cartoon…
    i love it so much plz broadast it again fans are waiting or giv link to download in hindi….
    thanx for attention

  5. I love to watch chimpui. Very good story. it is best cartoon for ever … Plz start it again….

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