Watch Coji Coji on Pogo

Coji Coji is a brand new animated series which will be premiered on Pogo from 10 January at 5 PM IST. Coji Coji is originally a Japanese manga which was first telecasted on 1997. Their was only one season which had approximately 101 episodes. The series is basically concerned with Coji Coji who lives in a mysterious land where the people are not actually animals or humans and they cannot be identified as boy or a girl. The place has many characters which are very sweet and different. In the world of Coji Coji all the things are natural and we can see the life in purest form.


Coji Coji is however different from others and his age and nature is a big mystery for the residents of the world where Coji Coji lives. Coji Coji is only concerned with enjoying his life and the nature to the fullest. He doesn’t care about others and only cares about himself. He is also not interested in working and is always trying to get away from his responsibilities, which causes him problem too. Due to this nature of Coji Coji the people around him are always unhappy with him and doesn’t like to be with him.


Coji Coji was also known Koji Koji when it was released as manga in Japan. Coji Coji was written originally by Momoko Sakura, who has also designed several characters for Xbox 360. She also created Chibi Maruko-chan, which is one of longest running manga. Coji Coji became popular because of the characters such as a talking snowman and a character who had a kettle as his head. Coji Coji have been a great animated series in Japan and I hope it will be the same in India too. So Don’t forget to Watch Coji Coji on Pogo from 10 January at 5 PM IST.

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