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Inazuma Eleven is one of the most popular manga series by the Ten’ya Yabubno and is one of the most loved cartoon series on Cartoon Network. It is one of the most hot favorite science fiction soccer manga series among the children. This thing is big fact that this manga series has taken place among the heart of children. This series reputation is growing day by day and more and more children and willing to watch its series.

inazuma eleven

It is an anime series and if you are going to watch it then it will come to know you that this mange series is based on the videogame series. You can watch these all series for getting complete fun because these all series are easily available in the market. You can catch these all series if you have not watched that.


As it has been mentioned above that this anime series is based on the science fiction soccer in which a character Endou Maooru or Mark Evans will play an imperative role as a goalkeeper. It will be his dependability in this series to save his area from any goal He is much endowed and sharp in performing his duty in the series.


This anime series has many character and all of them are playing a vital role in making this series out of this world. If you are going to watch this series, you will probably like it by your heart because every episode will bring some diversity. This will give you the sense of complete arrangement in these series and all of them are logically designed for children. The main aim and principle of this series is to provide complete delight for the children.


The fame and success of this Inazuma Eleven has crossed the boundaries of its native country and now it has been popular in many other foreign countries too. You can watch them at any time because this interactive and attractive series is available for you very opportunely. You can get a chance to watch this series, which is coming in different, and various episodes. You will probably find these all series eye capturing and heart ravishing.


Children are taking part in watching this Inazuma Eleven they are getting real fun in it. As it has been mentioned above that this series is coming in different episodes and all of them are different from the previous. There are many different characters in this series and you may love to watch them in your most wanted manga anime series. It will be good for you to spend your time watching television this manga anime series.


In this Inazuma Eleven, you will have opportunity to get tem all easily because they are flooded in the market because they have become very much sough-after series. Nowadays, children are demanding this series with new episodes. You can watch these all episodes with new idea and theme. It may be possible that this assortment in idea and theme of every episode taking this Inazuma Eleven series on the top as compare to the other ones. So Don’t forget to Watch Inazuma Eleven On Cartoon Network daily at 09.00 PM IST.


  1. I love it

  2. why there is not telecasting of inazuma eleven episode more than 52? this is behalf of all inazuma eleven fans

  3. ANAND BIGHOT says


  4. yeah right

  5. it is a good cartoon please continue to play it

  6. we want all episodes of inazuma eleven
    i love inazuma eleven

  7. Robin Chauhan says

    i love inazuma favorit show plzzzzzzzzzzz get start inazuma eleven

  8. my best cartoon i have ever seen mark and axle are the best

  9. Mayank Raj says

    i love inzume eleven so pls! start new inazume eleven season2

  10. Bhupendra.. says

    hey i love inazuma eleven…

  11. It a superb cartoon series but it seems little unlikely to show only up to 52 episodes
    play it

  12. inazuma 11 is awesome. i hope the new episodes start soon

  13. It’s the best cartoon show I have ever watched in my whole life.

  14. shekhu , chiyaa says

    we love inazuma 11 we love excel, mark we both are waiting for the next season we hope it will start soon

  15. Awesome!!!

  16. Inazuma Eleven is the best anime series ever.Please start broadcasting the episodes again,and to all the Inazuma Eleven fans- Then second season of Inazuma Eleven has released and it is called Inazuma Eleven Go. Watch It~

  17. prashiddhi says

    i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv inazuma eleven and i luv axel. yeh its true why isnt cartun network not showing inazuma eleven more than 52 episode thats really dissapointing to the inazuma fans
    I LoVe InZuMa I lUv U AxEl

  18. I love inazuma 11.It has changed my life forever.

  19. we want all episodes of inazuma eleven
    i love inazuma eleven

  20. it was the best cartoon show in my whole life ,I lovvvvve mark and excel too much .WE are waiting for next season of it.we hope it will start soon.

  21. inazuma fan says

    i am a big fan of inazuma eleven . i am disappointed because they have sttoped telecasting it . please restart it soon for all the inazuma fans.

  22. please please start the inazuma eleven episodes in cartoonnetwork in hindi

  23. please start inazuma eleven in cartoon network hindi

  24. Musharraf says

    Please pleassssssseeeeee start Inazuma eleven on cartoon network pleaaaaaaaase

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