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Karadi Tales are one of most popular audio and video series for children in India. Karadi Tales is being aired on Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. Karadi meaning bear is the story teller who actually tells the moral stories which he has experience in his lifetime. The bear was voiced by Naseeruddin Shah, who is a renowned Indian actor. Karadi is bear who is of medium age and loves the forest which he lives in. He loves honey and is pure vegetarian. He loves telling stories, rhymes, tales and is very famous in the forest. He even sings rhymes sometime as his voice is pretty awesome. His good friends are Dhondu and Meera. He is loved by everyone in forest and surrounding villages.


The stories are basically based on Panchatantra, Ramayana and Mahabharat which has a very strong moral values and loved by everyone not only in India but worldwide. The tales involves Kings and Queens, Demons and Angels and various animals which makes the tales even more interactive and fun to watch. Karadi Tales are not only loved by children but also by teenagers and adults. The Grandparents often tell Karadi Tales to their grandchildren. I am sure most of you people have come across the tales of Lion, Crow, Fox, Akbar and Birbal, monkey and many more. The Karadi Tales are very famous not only in India but all over the world. You can Visit the official site of Karadi Tales to buy Karadi Tales and Karadi Rhymes. You can Watch Karadi Tales Online Below. Hope you Enjoy them.

Karadi Tales – The Foolish Lion

Karadi Tales – Fish Friends Three

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