Watch Luckyman on Hungama TV

Luckyman is a Japanese animated series currently being aired on Hungama TV and written by Hiroshi Gamo. It is a comedy series filled with adventures. It has superheroes who fight against aliens and various other enemies to protect the earth. The animated series is produced by Studio Pierrot.


Luckyman is designed in such a way that it looks like Japanese boy with an alien face. His attire is different from other superheroes. His forehead has Japanese symbol that represents Luck.


The story reveals that Luckyman, who is Yoichi Tsuitenai and was the unluckiest boy in the town. His luck truly ran out of him when he was crushed by an alien spaceship. One day he was discovered by the great super hero of cosmos. Luckyman fused with him giving him the power to turn into the universe’s luckiest superhero. This is how he became popular as Luckyman. He helped in defending the earth from aliens with other superheroes.


Luckyman is a super hero but he doesn’t have any power or strength with him. He wins all his fights depending on his luck. The story comprises of 16 superheroes. But Luckyman is the main hero. The other main hero is Doryokuman, he is the sidekick pupil. Since he wears heavy sandal his feet comprises of high strength that makes his kick hard.


The series is adventures and full of gags. This makes it interesting to watch. The designing of characters and environments is different from other superhero series. This Japanese series has 50 episodes. Overall it’s a hilarious cartoon. So don’t forget to Watch Luckyman on Hungama TV at 08:30 PM IST.

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