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Mike, Lu and Og is an animated series which is currently being aired on Cartoon Network. Mike, Lu and Og was a part of Cartoon Cartoons, which were the original series of Cartoon Network. The series was aired on Boomerang for quite some time too. It had a total of 2 seasons with about 26 episodes. The series had two stories in each episode. Mike, Lu and Og was produced by Kinofilm Studios and directed by Elena Rogeva. The series was also aired on Jetix, which is a part of Disney Channel.

Mike, lu and og

Mike, Lu and Og mainly follows a young girl Mike, who is a foreign exchange student from Manhattan and is sent to a Island named Albonquetine. It’s a mysterious Island about which no body knows and have very strange people. The Island is based on a Pitcairn Islands. There she meets Lu, who has appointed her self as the princess of the Island and also Og, who is incredibly genius. Michelene or Mike starts to enjoy the Island and at the same time misses her New York life and especially her school.

Mike, lu and og3

Lu, is a very arrogant girl and is the cousin of Og. She thinks herself as the Princess of the Island. She is always bullying Og and Mike. She is always insulting everybody but learns a lesson by the end of the episode. Everything thinks her behavior is due to her father, who never tells her anything. However nobody knows what happened to her mom.

Mike, lu and og4

Og, is a seven year old kid and is the cousin of Lu. He is very intelligent and is always doing amazing discovery. He is always using his theory and discovery to help others. He is very kind unlike his cousin Lu. His three close friends are Pig, Goat and Porcupine. Who can speak and are well versed in Philosophy. The trio are together in many adventures and are always having fun. It is a very good animated series and a must watch series. So Don’t forget to Watch Mike Lu and Og on Cartoon Network.

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