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Mo Willems, the creator of The Off-Beats which was a Nickelodeon cartoon series, brought quite an unusual cartoon show for the young viewers of Cartoon Network in the form of Sheep in the Big City.

Sheep in the big city

The basic storyline of this show, as its name suggests, revolves majorly around ‘Sheep’ who goes through a change in life as he steps into the ‘the Big City’. Sheep, a sheep who was formerly living a peaceful life on a farm, is chased away from his home by General Specific, who happens to be the head of a Secret Military Organization and therefore wishes to capture Sheep to use a Sheep Power Ray Gun. Apart from these major characters, this cartoon show’s minimal cast also comprises of several of the General’s henchmen, notably including Private Public and the Angry Scientist, who devotedly assist the general to try and capture Sheep.


This cartoon show brings simplistic humor yet it is hilarious enough and abstractedly animated characters, yet which are quite vibrant and overall the show indeed is quite attractive. Another unusual factor about this cartoon show is its division into chapters which hasn’t been seen before. Often also showcased in between the chapters are some of the most hilarious fake advertisements and all these being unrelated makes the show even more fun to watch since viewers get to watching something new each time. In spite of having a script that often goes quite haphazard and haywire, with the characters and even the narrator much frequently breaking the fourth wall, yet the cartoon series has been a source of quite many laughs. Watch Sheep in the Big City Online by visiting the link below.

Sheep in the Big City

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