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Shuriken School is an animated series which was being aired on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. It was a part of Jetix in many countries. The series was first aired in the year 2006 and it is still being aired in many countries. It was dubbed in many languages and was shown in Hindi in India. The main characters of the series are Eizan Kaburagi, Jimmy B and Okuni Dohan. The series is concerned about Shuriken School, which is a school which teaches the children how to become a great Ninja.

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Eizan is the leader of the team and is a 10 year old kid. He family is an ordinary working family. Eizan is very intelligent, hardworking and is always eager to learn new things. His father has the business of selling rice balls but he doesn’t want to continue his father business and instead wants to become a Excellent Ninja. In most of the episodes its shown that he is clumsy and lazy too. He also has crush on Okuni, which he never expresses. He is always carrying a plastic ruler which is also his weapon.

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Jimmy is from a very wealthy background and his family lives in New York. However he hides everything from his friends and says he is from a normal family. When he was in New york he was always wasting his time with his Rap friend and causing troubles to his neighbors. Getting complaints repeatedly his parents send him to Tokirohama, where he stays with his uncle and aunt. He is first sent to Katana school, who are the biggest rival of Shuriken school but he is kicked out that school in just one week and hence joins Shuriken School and meets his friends. His weapon is a skateboard and he is an excellent skateboarder.

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Okuni is the only girl in the team and is more knowledgeable than all of them. She hates Ami, who is her classmate as she is always trying to impress other guys especially Eizan. Okuni has crush on Eizan. She has many skills and give examples to people from great lessons when they are in trouble. She most of the time gets Eizan and Jimmy out of problems when they are caught.

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Shuriken School is an excellent animated series and had almost of 5 season with a total of 65 episodes. You can also visit Shuriken School Official Site for some cool games, videos, wallpapers of Shuriken School. You can Watch Shuriken School Episodes Online by visiting the link below.

Watch Shuriken School Online


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