Disney India to Premier Oye Jassie from 13th October

Disney has always awarded us with some of the most intriguing family entertainment series; and, with the latest series of ‘Oye Jassie’, the channel takes family entertainment to an entirely new level. ‘Oye Jassie’ is a super interesting family series which unfolds the story of a small town teenage girl Jassie, whose life takes a […]

Disney Q Family Mastermind: An Intriguing Family Game Show

Are you fond of family quiz game shows? Are intrigued to enjoy the enticing and mind boggling experience of a family quiz game? Well, with Disney Q Family Mastermind you can jolly well do so, as this game show offers you the most enthralling experience of a family quiz game. This show was aired from […]

Ninja Warrior now on Hungama TV

Set in the early 1997 in Japan and was produced by Monster9, a fun and entertaining Ninja Warrior had become famous since then. An entertainment sports television series which encourages people to join and compete with each other on different kinds of obstacles courses. One hundred participants must compete with each other and complete each […]

Watch Sunaina On Pogo TV

Among the lineup of shows that Pogo TV has to offer, Sunaina is certainly quite a distinct television series. From the first impression you might just think that the series is a simple TV series about an ordinary teenager but it is much more than that. The main plot of this television series is based […]

Supernatural – An Epic TV Series

Supernatural, is an epic TV series that has been a must watch for viewers asking horror and suspense genre in the same mug. It’s a subtle hybrid of drama cum mystery in disguise, starring the cool and enigmatic, Jared Padalescki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester acting his elder brother in the […]