Final Fantasy 3 – (PSP) Latest Updates

Final Fantasy is a well known science fiction based video game which has gained international recognition over the years. It was first released in the year 1987. In the year 2012 Final Fantasy 3 was released and it is still doing very well in the market. Final Fantasy initially sold more than 100 units and gained a lot of commercial recognition. It was first released by Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

Release And Recognition Of Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy 3 was released originally in 1990 in Japan. The Nintendo DS version, which was released in 2009 did exceptionally well on an international level. Finally in 2012, the PSP version was released in the month of September.

About The Storyline Of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 3

The story is based on a supernatural based science fiction mode where four youths are present and they take power and energy from a crystal ball. This crystal ball gives the 4 characters various kinds of powers and skills which they use to fight against evil characters. These negative characters are from various sectors sometimes, supernatural, sometimes terrorist base and sometimes they even face ancient demons and monsters. With each level up, the gamer gets the chance to get new skills. The situations which the characters face are amnesia, pain, scarring, and loss of power or death. Other situations are of mistaken identity, suicide or taken over by evil forces which changes the character’s personality as a whole.

Skills And Powers Added In Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 3 psp

The main power skills have several fight art forms and also magic. The magic part includes four sections- Black Magic, Red Magic, Green Magic, and Blue Magic. The Black Magic is directed as an evil force to attack enemies. Red Magic is a mixture of White Magic and Black Magic which is done for the good of all but through an evil force of power. The Green Magic is to alter states and the Blue Magic is for mimicking attack forces of the enemy itself.

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