Killzone Back with Its Fourth Venture

Killzone made its first release into the world of gaming in November, 2004. This world renowned game has two sequels so far along with two subgenres. The sequels were named as Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. Killzone and its sequels were all first person shooter games and its subgenres in the names of Killzone Liberation and Killzone Mercenary are third person shooter games. Recently, Killzone officials announced the upcoming sequel for Killzone named Killzone Shadow Fall. They announced this as a title launch of Play Station 4 in February, 2013. The game will be released soon.

About Killzone


Killzone is under developers Guerilla Games, published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The last release by this franchise was the Killzone trilogy set (Killzone 1, 2, and 3) in the month of October in 2012. Their original platform was Play Station 2. The games are available on Play Station 2 and 3 and on Play Station Portable. Killzone 1, 2, 3 and 4 (the upcoming Shadow Fall) are considered as the main games. The trilogy set and the two subgenres are considered in the “appendages” of Killzone.

About the storyline of Killzone


The game is set in space colonization. It is about the Helghast Empire who has recovered from loss and defeat after the Galactic War of the Helghan War 1. Now, they have launched a war against the Outer ISA or the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance in the Planet Vekta. The mission is to retrieve a key from Hakha, the operative. Templar is the captain of the mission and he meets various characters on the way. The story and sequels pick up from there.

About Killzone: Shadow Fall


In Shadow Fall, the story picks up 20 years after the events of Killzone 3. The war is over and Helghast is now in ruins. There are refugees from the war who are allowed to live on Vekta by the outer ISA out of pity. But they are imposing themselves upon the refugees and their main aim is to wipe out the Helghasts all together. The story is all about how Helghast fights back for survival.

About the platform of Killzone Shadow Fall


Killzone Shadow Fall is the sixth game of Killzone in total and the fourth instalment in the console series. Killzone lovers will be thrilled with the new powers and challenges in Shadow Fall.

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