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American Dragon: Jake Long was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and is currently being shown in Disney XD and Disney Channel in many countries. American Dragon: Jake Long is a story of a 13-year-old Jake Long who has the ability to change into a Dragon. Jake Long has to even hide this secret from everybody and he has to learn how to manage his powers and this is taught to him by his grandpa, Lao who was also a very powerful Chinese Dragon. Jake Long who loves skateboarding with his fellow mates Trixie and Spud is a average student who falls in love with her new schoolmate Rose not knowing the fact that she is Dragon Slayer also known as Huntsgirl who wants to capture and kill all the Dragon. But in future both fall in love with each other and Rose saves Jake long life from the Dragon Slayer Master who captures Jake.

American Dragon

Their is also a cute magical dog named Fu Dog who is always their helping Jake Long on his missions. After some Episodes even Trixie and Spud comes to know about the Jake secret and they start helping him. Jake has to safeguard all the magical creatures from Dragon Slayer and other Evil culprits. The Series is a mixture of Adventure and Action and is really fun to watch. The story continues how Jake Long manages both his Magical and Ordinary life and how he saves all the magical creatures from the Dragon Slayer. Here is a cool American Dragon Jake Long Game for all of you. So enjoy the game.


  1. i had played it more than 20 times nw its boring bt when played for 1 timr it was great

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