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In the year 1996, an American series Beetleborgs was successfully aired on television and Beetleborgs is currently being aired on Disney XD. Being the producer, Saban Entertainment received substantial applause from the masses. It has two seasons, aired on Fox Kids and UPN Kids in 1996 and 1998 respectively. The combat footage adapted from a thrilling series Metal Hero Tokusatsu’s seasons, The Juukou B- Fighter and The B-Fighter Kabuto.

Amazing Characters:


The following four Beetleborgs are the leading characters:

  • Andrew Drew Mc Cormick, a blue stringer Beetleborg.
  • Roland Williams, a green hunter Beetleborg.
  • Josephine Jo Mc Cormick, a red striker Beetleborg.
  • Josh Baldwin, a white blaster Beetleborg.

Beetleborg allies are Silver Ray and Karato, four Astralborgs, Hillhurst inhabitants and humans. Their fierce rivals include the villains first set Magnavores and other set Crustaceans. The other monsters are also a part of the offender’s list.

The Story:


Beetleborgs story starts from a haunted house which is quite old, where Roland, Jo and Drew unintentionally discharge a magical spirit called Flabber. He is quite happy after getting the freedom and ask about their wish. The kids reveal that they want to be the heroes of the Beetleborgs, their most favorite comic book. This desire became quite annoying as the Flabber has to unleash the villains of the comic book for the fulfillment of the wish. The arrival of villains into a real life is more dramatic and exciting, as they practice various, destructive techniques to destroy the Beetleborgs. The kids have to fight as a Beetleborg in the sequence by using extraordinary powers. They have to defend themselves as well as their hometown.


The whole Beetleborgs course is the manifestation of bravery and courage to battle the evil powers and should be seen for obtaining great entertainment. Play Beetleborgs Games Online by visiting the link below.

Beetleborgs Games

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