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With an art style reminiscent of a story book, along with a storyline that is quite hilariously outnumbered by members of the animal kingdom, Joe Murray, the creator of Rocko’s Modern World, bring cartoon viewers Camp Lazlo!

Camp Lazlo

This ‘funny’ cartoon series is set among a fictional summer camp where all the animals walk and talk. A major portion of the storyline involves the Bean Scouts who used to be quite the average, ordinary camper and once Lazlo joined in, they became quite the trio. The main characters include Lazlo, a Brazilian spider monkey who is always noticed to be free from care, Raj, an elephant from India with a rich Indian accent who happens to be the sensible of the group, and an albino pygmy rhino named Clam, who has the peculiar habit of repeating everything his pal Lazlo says.

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Each of the 11 minute episodes of this hilarious show revolve around the adventures of these three ‘Bean Scouts’ and the other animals who are a part of Camp Kidney. While providing a bearing a realistic feel as far as the feeling and theme of the show is concerned, yet the setting happens to be quite vibrant and eye catching. In spite of the fact that the episodes of the show often lack continuity, the show proves to captivate both young children and even adults alike, since the settings of the show reflect a really beautiful and comfortable environment. Thus whether a child wishes to enjoy a really funny television show, or an adult wanting to recollect some nostalgic childhood memories, Camp Lazlo! will indeed make you laugh your head off. Play Camp Lazlo Games Online by visiting the link below.

Camp Lazlo Games


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