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Dexter’s Laboratory also know as Dexter’s Lab is a very popular cartoon series which is currently being aired on Cartoon Network. It is one of the most successful American cartoon which was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Hanna-Barbera. The series has approximately 78 episodes and like 4 seasons.

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Dexter’s Laboratory is a story of a young boy named Dexter, who has a very big laboratory in his room which no one knows about. The laboratory has numerous inventions, which can change the universe. However Dexter uses them only for good uses and rarely to perform some mischievous activities. He is accompanied by his stupid, clumsy sister named Dee Dee, who is inferior to him and does all the nonsense work because of which Dexter falls in trouble. Though he wants to get rid of her but he loves his sister alot, which is shown in many episodes. Dee Dee is tall and always is destroying some or the other parts of Dexter’s laboratory and Dexter is always trying to get rid off her but it is not possible. Dee Dee is weak in Science and always loose to Dexter on science related things whereas Dexter always looses to Dee Dee to physical activities like snowball fight, basket ball, martial arts etc.

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It is very rare to see Dexter and Dee Dee work together. Dee Dee, the name is derived from Hindi “Didi” which means elder sister. Dee Dee looks alike the Bubbles in the Powerpuff Girls. Dee Dee loves unicorn, ponies, dolls, ballet and destroying Dexter’s laboratory. She is just like a classic young girl. Then are the Dexter’s Mom and Dad her name are never reveled. Dexter loves her mom more than her dad as she is as intellectual as Dexter and he can share her feelings with her. Dexter’s dad like his sister more than him but join hands with Dexter when their is a clash between the opposite sexes. However the parents are shown as a typical mother and father and does their work with pure love and affection.

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The rival of Dexter Mandark, who also have a laboratory and always try to destroy Dexter’s laboratory or embarrasses him infront of others in the class. But Dexter always wins against him unless and until Dee Dee doesn’t interfere. Overall its a excellent humor filled cartoon series which is a must watch and I am sure you all love it alot. I used to watch it when I was small and I still can’t believe that it is aired till now. Really an amazing series ever made. You can Play Dexter’s Laboratory Games Online by visiting the link below.

Dexter’s Laboratory Games

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