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DreamKix is an Awesome Computer Generated Animation which is aired on Nickelodeon. DreamKix was produced by Designstorm Animation Studio of Korea. DreamKix is based on Soccer but humans don’t play Soccer here instead animals do. DreamKix is a story of a farmyard where their is an hero Roy, who builds a team in the farm and decides to compete in the international football league called “Dream League” which has the strongest teams from all over the planet competing.


Though it sounds impossible to win the league seeing the players of the farm in starting but in later stage the team becomes very strong overcoming their weak points and becomes one of the strongest team in the Dream League.With the Players like roy, rebecca, emily, morrie, de sanctis, byrne and leonard they over come all the difficulties and soon they win the Dream League. DreamKix is very famous in Korea, India and many other places. DreamKix has got many awards due to its unique concept and great animation. Though the target of DreamKix is Age group of 6-12 years but their are many Teenagers and Adults who love to Watch DreamKix too. So Don’t Forget to Watch DreamKix on Nick Daily at 8pm. You can find the DreamKix Game Below.


  1. Can not they start the cartoon series ‘dreamkix’ again on nickelodeon and inazuma eleven and dragonball z on cartoon network

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